Our process


Project Managers

The project manager coordinates the team to achieve the milestones setted in time and using the assigned budget. This person splits and transforms the functional requirements into epics, user stories and tasks creating them in a Kanban Board, including both design and development tasks. The PM coordinates all the resources of the team and follows the timeline minimizing the risks of the projects. He / she also implements the development methodology decided for the project.

The PMs are trained in:

  • ClickUp

  • Agile methodology

  • Product growth

  • Team coordination


We are different

We build strong relationships with our clients. We work together with our teams to resolve the product's needs and challenge ourselves all the time making the best solutions. We provide the best technology solution for each of the problems. We love methodology, quality and making software that will work for years.



The development process consists in coding the features described in the project board following the technical guidelines and the code review process. The role cover up to the feature deployed in production after finishing the QA process.

Our developers works mainly with:

  • NodeJS + MongoDB

  • React

  • React Native

  • Ruby on Rails + Postgres

  • AWS


The UX-UI design will consist in elaborating the Lo-Fi (low fidelity) and Hi-Fi (high fidelity) prototypes of the application. All the functional requirements identified in the analysis are used in this process. The designed prototypes are tested by real users to get valuable feedback.

Our designers work mainly with:

  • Figma

  • Creative Cloud

  • Lottie

  • User flowmap


Functional Analysts

The functional analysis consists in writing up a functional requirements document detailing each of the features the application will have. To accomplish this, the functional and nonfunctional requirements will be identified using the proposed methodology. Based on previous experience and competence, he / she thinks the best way to do each of the features.

Our analysts works mainly with:

  • ClickUp

  • Customer journey

  • Charts

  • Flowmaps

  • KPIs

Quality Assurance Analysts

The quality assurance role consists in testing the features developed by the team checking that what was defined in the ticket was done by the developer using the acceptance criteria. Also, the QA tries to ensure that no bugs get to production.

The QAs are trained in:

  • ClickUp

  • Evidence tracking

  • Automation